Karl Schmitz: Coaching + Self-Belief

Somewhere along the journey of following your heart in pursuit of your passion: you learn, you grow and you adapt. I've had the opportunity to play in the NFL as a punter.

I love passing on the knowledge i've gained to the youth. I never planned on being a 'coach' but it feels good to see someone purposefully use information that I give them to reach a level of personal achievement. I've had access to information and opportunity throughout my journey and it makes me want to reciprocate.

I continually made technical mistakes in my punting technique during my short stint in the league that led to me getting fired.

It's was more frustrating then anything, because i was too stubborn to recognize it before it was too late.

My goal is to incrementally eliminate the margin of error in the athletes that I coach, so that they not only learn from the mistakes that I made, but be able to self correct and see themselves at the pinnacle of their game because of their dedication.

This level of attention to detail and work ethic is transferable to any profession. This is why I absolutely fucking love sports. There are life lessons to be gained, and it never stops. 

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